How to choose a high-quality Magnetic track light?
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How to choose a high-quality Magnetic track light?

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Magnetic track light is a specialized lighting system where the light fixtures are attached to a continuous track or railing. Instead of routing electricity to each lighting fixture, electrical conductors are placed within the Magnetic track light, which then feeds electricity to the Magnetic track light attached. Magnetic track light can be mounted to a ceiling or a wall to provide light to a room.

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What is the difference between traditional and Magnetic track light?

For recessed lighting and Magnetic track light, which one is better?

How to choose a high-quality Magnetic track light?


What is the difference between traditional and Magnetic track light?

One of the most important but largely overlooked features of your home is the lighting. Because the choice of Magnetic track light exists in the background of a room’s aesthetic, informing initial impression of a room as well as how comfortable. how capable you are of accomplishing particular tasks there, and so on. These days, Magnetic track light is coming into the home. Replacing traditional lighting.

Traditional lighting is considered far more subtle than Magnetic track light. Traditional lighting is placed between the ceiling joists so that you might need to remodel ceiling for installing traditional lights. However, the Magnetic track light is more flexible and adaptable, whose installation is much easier.

Both Magnetic track light and traditional light can be used in many different applications, which work in similar way depending on the purpose of usage. The key difference between Magnetic track light and traditional lights is that traditional lights are fixed to ceiling permanently while Magnetic track light will hang down to the ceiling, which can rotate 360 degrees. Magnetic track light makes adjustments easily depending on your requirements.


For recessed lighting and Magnetic track light, which one is better?

That will depend on the purpose of usage.

You can install both recessed lighting and Magnetic track light in the kitchen. Use Magnetic track light to illuminate the preparation area, countertop, and the center. Otherwise, you can also install recessed lighting in the ceiling to illuminate the preparation area. However, if you are using only recessed lights, it is recommended to install more lights. If the kitchen is small, you can use recessed lights to get more space.

You can install Magnetic track light in living room to get plenty of lights if your living room has many functional areas. Magnetic track light can adjust the lighting depending on your requirement. Recessed lighting can be a good option if you want to boost the aesthetic appeal and highlight the certain area.

For bedroom, recessed lighting can be good option to be used in the walk-in closet and above dresser and vanities.


How to choose a high-quality Magnetic track light?

When buying Magnetic track light, you need to check the integrity of the whole package. Then, you can ask manufacturer about testing procedures of Magnetic track light.

The strength of light bulbs measured in watts is a standard of choosing high-quality Magnetic track light. In time of incandescent light bulbs, the strength for lighting was checked by wattage rating. But wattage rating has nothing to do with how bright the bulb is. Magnetic track light spends over 90% of input energy on light instead of heat. The new unit to measure Magnetic track light is Lumens. Lumen scale describes how much brightness that the higher the number of lumens, the brighter the Magnetic track light.

Power factor is a vital parameter to check quality of Magnetic track light. Power Factor is the effective ratio of real power to apparent power from your meter. CRI measures the effect a Magnetic track light has on the perceived color of objects based upon an ideal or natural light source, which is rated on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher the CRI, the better colors of Magnetic track light will look and vice versa.


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