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We deliver End-to-End retail Solutions, personalized services for each client. From tradition to innovation, from the metal, wood, acrylic, injection, glass material to digital executions. 
  • Shopping malls,homes,art galleries,exhibition halls,etc. Our lights can be found anywhere, come to find out and bring home.

    Supermarket is great, it has a large number of items. However, our simple LED lights will be an eye-catching piece of art. We will not only light a lamp, but also light a beautiful way for customers. Our lamps and lanterns are exquisite and compact, which can be integrated with the space and turns out a good looking.

    Minimalist style, illuminating the beauty, passing the power of light. We are your exclusive lamp designer.

    Color of the lamps is full of passion, beauty naturally show up. The scattering of light  has the effect of space extension, which makes people feel open and relaxed.

The Reason For You To Choose Us

Our Advantages

◈   Powerful production capacity;
◈   Excellent design team;
◈   Unique design, continuous creative inspiration;
◈   Continuously provide lamps to supermarkets;  
◈   Win the trust from supermarkets
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  No5/3.kanglong 3rd Road,xinmao Industrial Area,henglan Town Zhongshan City Guangdong
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