How to used the magnetic grille lamps?
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How to used the magnetic grille lamps?

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Today, we will share you a series of magnetic track lights. It is a special lamps - grille lamps.

This series of grille lamps are used for magnetic tracks. It has different wattage, such as 6, 8, 12 watts. Their lengths are 115mm, 216mm and 330mm respectively. Advanced technology makes them small but durable.


A005 CX SBK 6W -20          A005 CX SBK 12W -20         A005 CX SBK 18W -20

No kidding, they seem like toys on your hands. The reflector with different color of your choice. Such as black, white, gold, dark gray, chrome, rose gold. The black lamp body (It can also be a white lamp body) made of aluminum can prolong the service life.


Black                White                Gold


Dark Gray         Rose Gold           Chrome                                

The aluminum shell can reduce light decay and get efficient heat dissipation efficiency. When it's used, the shell is recessed in the track. You can not see the black shell but the high quality illumination. Not only that, high quality illumination brings high color rendering and the higher color rendering brings a clearer vision. It is suitable for installation in offices, reading rooms and other places.

In addition, the grille lamp is convenient and simple to install. The characteristic of the grille lamp is concentrating property, so we need to pay attention to the problem in the lighting layout. why?

1 meter distance

50 centimeter distance

As you can see, the grille lamp is anti-glare and does not glare at a distance of 1 meter. Also, the high quality illumination bring high color rendering. Let's go forward 50 centimeters,when the distance is 50 centimeters there will be a glare. The light falling on our eyes can make us feel uncomfortable. Therefore, we usually put the grille lamp in our middle end or tail end. That's the matter of lighting layout.

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