Is the magnetic track light very popular now?
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Is the magnetic track light very popular now?

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Track Lighting: Is the magnetic track light very popular now? Doesn't fit in with modern simplicity

I think the magnetic track lights are very good, very simple in the modern style, because they are very simple.

Track light is installed in a similar track above the lamp, can be arbitrarily adjusted exposure angle, generally used as a spotlight in the need to focus on lighting. Traditional track lamps are generally composed of track, power box and lamp body. The sliding connection between the power box and the track is convenient for adjusting the position, and the lamp body and the power box are connected to realize the angle adjustment of luminous light. People think that the sliding connection structure between the power box and the track is too complex, difficult to disassemble and maintain and is expensive. Therefore, a magnetic connection structure is designed, that is, a magnet is installed in the power box, and a corresponding track is installed to attract iron sheets and magnets.


What is a magnetic track lights?

Magnet track lamp, just as its name implies, attaches lamps and lanterns assembly to the track by means of magnetism. It is more convenient to install and remove lamps and lanterns assembly, and is convenient for daily maintenance.

The lamps and lanterns components can be adsorbed onto the track by magnetic absorption technology. The lamps and lanterns are easy to disassemble and install, and can be fixed with one inlay. At the same time, because the track is low-voltage power supply, the lamp body can remove the drive, so the whole track and lamps can be done very small and delicate, very suitable for home. Type of magnet lamp

magnet suction lamp is a kind of lighting system that can be combined freely according to the demand. There are 4 types: floodlight module, grille module, spotlight module and chandelier module.

This means that a set of magnetic track lights can be used to accentuate the building elements, to provide basic illumination as a whole, or to enhance the ambience of the space.

The floodlight module is a basic lighting module that provides a minimalist and extended visual experience, combined with the grille module and additional emphasis on the bright areas. The Advantages of Magnet Lamp

In addition to the advantages of color, the advantages of magnetic lamps include:

  1. Easy installation.

    Need to lay good track beforehand only, lamps and lanterns is sucked go up, take down, one second is done.The magnet lamp adopts modular design and can be equipped with various light sources.

  2. May be equipped with different lamps. 

    Magnetic absorption lamp using modular concept, can be applied to magnetic absorption lamp light source module many, including downlight, spotlights, grid lights, floodlights, chandelier lines and so on. Can choose light source freely, allow DIY to match, satisfy the illumination demand of different space.

    The magnetizing orbit can increase or decrease the number of light sources at will.

  3. The number of lamps and lanterns may be increased or reduced freely. 

    There is no limit on the number of lamps and lanterns that can be installed on rails (in theory, not more than the wattage of the transformer power supply, which is generally above). Light brightness is not enough, can increase the number of light sources; Brightness is too high, reduce the number of light sources can.

    A Freely Moving and Angled Magnetic Suction Lamp Holder.

  4. Angle can be freely moved and adjusted. 

    In the magnetic track, the light source can be free to move, according to space needs of free lighting. In addition, many magnetic absorbing lamps are adjustable angle, including magnetic absorbing lamps, magnetic absorbing grid box, etc., to increase the freedom of light design.

    Adjustable position and angle.

  5. Low-voltage safety, no touch danger. 

    Magnetic track lights on the market are generally used for low-voltage design, even if the track has been energized, people directly touch, there is no danger installation lamps.

    There is no danger of people touching and installing the lamps.

  6. Facilitate maintenance.

    The lamp is broken. Just take it down for overhaul. It is not as troublesome as traditional light source.

  7. No ceiling can do no lamp.

    Many families do not want to do a good decoration lantern, finally because the ceiling took trouble to give up. And magnet lamp everything is on orbit, need not many place to open hole, hide line. The use of open track, do not do the ceiling can also achieve no master lamp design. Application of Magnet Lamp

Track lamps are widely used in clothing stores, jewelry stores, exhibition halls, hotels, clubs and other commercial places that need decorative effect and key lighting, but because of its fashionable appearance, full technology sense, high flexibility and so on, they are loved by more and more young people, and are also used in living room, bedroom, study and other home lighting designers.

Magnetic lighting combination can choose various parts according to different requirements, such as small size, convenient disassembly, flexible combination and movement. One system can meet the lighting needs of basic lighting, key lighting, wall washing and other DIY ways, and is the best choice for designers to sketch space lines.

Magnetic track lamps, minimalist design, to create a more simple, focused luminous principle, highlighting the focus of the space, with the magic of visual guidance, but also for the space to create a light and shade levels and virtual contrast visual effect.

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