What are the "Dali" dimming system on LED light?
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What are the "Dali" dimming system on LED light?

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Dali (digital addressable lighting interface) is a new control protocol of intelligent lighting system: the system has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient installation, easy operation and good function; The protocol defines the communication mode between electronic ballast and controller. Dali protocol system is composed of distributed intelligent modules; Each intelligent module has the ability of digital communication and digital control. The memory of Dali module stores module address and lighting scene information; Many intelligent modules are connected to Dali bus. Through Dali bus, digital communication, command and status information can be transmitted with each intelligent module to realize the functions of lamp switch, dimming control, system setting and so on. Powerbus also complies with Dali protocol.

  • What are the benefits of Dali system ?

  • How to choose the right  Dali system light?

  • How to buy a high-quality  Dali system light light?


What are the benefits of “Dali” system ?

(1) Dali dimming addressable

Dali dimming system each LED lamp will have an independent address and can communicate in both directions, which can not be achieved by analog technology. It can connect all lamps with one signal line and control any grouping after that, which can bring a lot of flexibility to the control. Combined with its sensors, timing control can bring significant energy-saving effect.

(2) Dali dimming system has strong anti-interference ability and wide dimming range.Dali dimming system power supply integrates dimmer and driver body. The dimming range can basically be adjusted from 0% to 100%, which truly realizes green energy saving. Many analog signals may have problems such as stability, flicker and noise when they are adjusted to 10% and then down. This Dali dimming system power supply has an absolute advantage. Dali dimming system power supply can smooth and flicker free dimming. In this era of advocating energy conservation, Dali dimming system power supply meets the needs of human energy conservation.

(3) Dali dimming system is easy to install.

Dali dimming system wiring and installation wire have no special requirements, and there are no polarity requirements during installation. As long as the main power line is separated from the control line, the control line does not need to be shielded. It should be noted that the maximum current on the control line is 250mA, the maximum line length is 300m, and the line voltage drop should not exceed 2V. The traditional analog dimming technology wiring needs to separate the signal line from the power line, which increases the construction difficulty and workload.Dali dimming system power supply can be used in the project for fast installation and wiring.


How to choose the right Dali dimming system light?

The whole Dali dimming system is connected by two buses. First, ensure that the purchased product bus can mount Dali master, sensor, switch, slave, gateway and other peripherals. This system is an international standard. As long as all peripherals conforming to this protocol are compatible.

Secondly, a series of parameters need to be considered, such as bus high-voltage current requirements, protocol standards, what is scene control, packet control, broadcast control, how many addresses can be carried, etc.

How to buy a high-quality magnetic track grille light?

First, strictly check the product parameters according to the above requirements.

Then check the product certification to confirm whether the manufacturer has 3C certification.

Intelligent equipment is used to assist the inspection to ensure the normal and smooth operation of Dali dimming system.


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