What are the components of Magnetic track light?
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What are the components of Magnetic track light?

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Magnetic track light offers a beautiful and functional way to increase the amount of light in a room or simply to update the look. Magnetic track light lets you control the shape, color, and intensity of the light. Installing Magnetic track light involves basic wiring and hand-tool skills. Once installed, the Magnetic track light is very easy to upgrade or expand in the future.

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What are the components of Magnetic track light?

How to install Magnetic track light?

Is Magnetic track light safe for you?


What are the components of Magnetic track light?

Magnetic track light is a combination product, mainly composes of three parts, that are, track rail, lamp body and switching power supply.

Track rail of Magnetic track light is made from the aluminum extrusions that can be recessed, surface mounted and pendant mounted. The track rail has the invisible conductive copper strip on both sides.

Magnetic track light is designed with the magnetic adapter. It can be tool-free positioned and repositioned into the track rail due to their magnetic fixation.


How to install Magnetic track light?

Test the Magnetic track light wires with a voltage sensor to make sure the circuit is dead. Remove the wire connectors and pull the wires apart.

Attach the mounting strap of the Magnetic track light to the old ceiling. If there is a hole in the center of the mounting strap, thread the circuit wires through the hole before screwing the strap to the box.

Cut the Magnetic track light to length by using a hack saw if necessary. If you are installing multiple sections of track, assemble the sections with the correct connector fittings.

Position the Magnetic track light in the mounting saddle on the mounting strap and hold it temporarily in place in the location where it will be installed. The Magnetic track light will have predrilled mounting holes in the back. Draw a marking point on the ceiling at each of these locations.

Insert bolt into predrilled screw locations. Insert toggle into access hole and tighten bolts. Hook wires from track’s power supply to circuit wires. Then attach protective cover to conceal the ceiling box and the electrical connections. Cap the open ends of the track with a dead-end cap fitting. Insert the Magnetic track light heads into the track by slipping the stem into the track slot. Arrange the Magnetic track light heads so that they fall in the manner you choose.


Is Magnetic track light safe for you?

The soul of Magnetic track light is not a lamp but a magnet. As the name suggests, the lamp assembly is fixed on the guide rail by magnetic attraction.

Magnetic attraction technology allows the Magnetic track light assembly to be attached to the guide rail. The Magnetic track light is easy to disassemble and assemble. Magnetic track light can be installed by simply inserting. The strong adsorption force of the track is 5 times the weight of the lamp body, which is not easy to fall. Magnetic track light is equipped with a safety buckle. Even if sudden demagnetization occurs, the stability of the Magnetic track light in the fixed position can be ensured.


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