What are the misconceptions of Magnetic track light?
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What are the misconceptions of Magnetic track light?

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Magnetic track light has good performance in key lighting. Magnetic track light is easy to disassemble and move. This also makes the Magnetic track light as hot-sale products of BEST recently. Due to the rising concept of no main lamp, the living space has also begun to use a large number of it.


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Why do you want Magnetic track light?

What are the misconceptions of Magnetic track light?

How many Magnetic track lights can be mounted on the tracks?


Why do you want Magnetic track light?

Magnetic track light is a contemporary fixture that is as perfect for new construction as it is for renewed spaces in existing homes.

Tracks of Magnetic track light are versatile, allowing flexibility in sizing, placement, and fixture styles.

Magnetic track light can be aimed at any artwork, countertops, walls, or other room features as needed. The white Magnetic track light heads can blend into a ceiling.

Magnetic track light is not as restricted by the ceiling and initial placement. Because the electric conductors are housed within the track, Magnetic track light can be easily placed and moved according to your needs. Magnetic track light is highly adjustable, which can be dropped or raised by using a stem and power extender. This allows you to change the lighting, mood, and feeling of a room regularly. Magnetic track light has the ability to rotate and angle, which allows for greater flexibility and customization in your lighting. You can also vary the shape and style of the track you use for a unique look.


What are the misconceptions of Magnetic track light?

Nowadays, people always ignore the lights. However, Magnetic track light can not only bring lighting to everyone but also adjust the indoor atmosphere. What’s worse, if the Magnetic track light is used improperly, it will cause light pollution.

It is often said that if you want to be warm at home, you need to use a warm color of Magnetic track light. In fact, this is inappropriate. Warm light can indeed create a warm lighting environment, but the lower color temperature is not conducive to work and reading. Different color temperatures of Magnetic track light should be set according to different functions. It is reasonable to combine warm light and cold light.

The living room should be a brighter place, otherwise the whole home will appear dim. Magnetic track light in the living room is essential

In order to pursue brightness, some people install a lot of Magnetic track light at home or choose high wattage of lights. In fact, this not only wastes resources but also is bad for the eyes and moods.

When some people install the Magnetic track light, the contrast between light and dark is too strong, which will cause visual fatigue.


How many Magnetic track lights can be mounted on the tracks?

Many people think that Magnetic track lights are spotlights, which are not easy to use. In fact, Magnetic track light is a modular lighting composed of track rail and lamps. A great advantage of Magnetic track light is its high flexibility.

Some people view Magnetic track light as patch panels. The principle of the Magnetic track light is a design through a buckle, which is better underground on the track. No matter what kinds of lights, they can be mounted on the tracks, as well as taking off. You can even easily move the position of Magnetic track light.


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