What’s wrong with Magnetic track light?
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What’s wrong with Magnetic track light?

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We have heard for years that Magnetic track light may be more expensive. But when it comes to calculating savings, these ultra-efficient Magnetic track lights are well worth the investment. Magnetic track light virtually eliminates replacement time and costs. Magnetic track light decreases heat emittance and lessens the risk of electrical shock during lighting replacement.


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What’s wrong with Magnetic track light?

How to avoid Magnetic track light failure?

How can we use Magnetic track light for a long time?


What’s wrong with Magnetic track light?

In fact, Magnetic track light has the same lifespan as ours. With the passage of time, the functional mechanism of Magnetic track light will continue to decline. Whether incandescent lamp or Magnetic track light cannot avoid dying, called light decay.

Failure of Magnetic track light is from the power supply and the drive or the Magnetic track light assembly itself. The damage of power supply and drive is from the input power over electric shock or the failure load side of circuit. The over electric shock of input power tends to cause the drive circuit damage and other passive components breakdown. While the load terminals may cause a short-circuit fault.

Transient over-current refers to the current flowing through the Magnetic track light over maximum rated current of the Magnetic track light, which may be due to the large currents or the high voltage. Plug power can also cause Magnetic track light transient over- current.

Most Magnetic track lights are from the energy converted into heat dissipation so that thermal management and fault over temperature protection is an important issue. It has been proved that the performance and life of Magnetic track light are closely related to the operating temperature.


How to avoid Magnetic track light failure?

Magnetic track light is more expensive than conventional lighting. As prices come down, people tend to buy based on price. The biggest cause of Magnetic track light failure is the source, that is, where and how the Magnetic track lights are manufactured. In order for Magnetic track light to function properly and provide acceptable light output, its components must be built to last.

To minimize the chances of Magnetic track light failure, ask the manufacturer about its testing procedures. Some manufacturers fully test Magnetic track light before shipping.

Look up registration number. Just because a Magnetic track light with a mark doesn’t mean it is good. Some Magnetic track light may carry a counterfeit registration number that doesn’t belong to that manufacturer or product.


How can we use Magnetic track light for a long time?

It is not difficult to install Magnetic track light, but we have a headache when it fails.

The correct installation of the Magnetic track light is a prerequisite. If the installation is not accurate, the Magnetic track light is more likely to break, or even some may explode. The installation method of the Magnetic track light must be accurate so as to prolong the service life.

Magnetic track light in the bathroom must be equipped with moisture-proof lampshades, otherwise the life of the Magnetic track light will be reduced. In the kitchen, it is necessary to take measures to prevent oil of the surface of Magnetic track light. Because the accumulation of grease will negatively affect the light intensity of the Magnetic track light. It is necessary to rub frequently to avoid negatively affecting the breakdown of Magnetic track light.

The cleaning method is another factor to affect the lifespan of Magnetic track light. There will inevitably be a thick layer of ash, which will negatively affect the overall aesthetics.


Learn more about Magnetic track light can know the wrong with Magnetic track light and how to use Magnetic track light. UR Lighting Co., Ltd. experiences many professors and better service. We are glad to hear from you if you have problems with Magnetic track light.


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