What should you know about Magnetic track light?
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What should you know about Magnetic track light?

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Magnetic track light is a way to attach the lamp assembly to the track by magnet. Magnetic track light is more convenient to install and dismantle the lamp assembly, as well as daily maintenance and repair. Magnetic track light can be flexibly matched with different types and quantities of track lamps according to various requirements. If the power is allowed, it can be arbitrarily spliced to the track for use.


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What are the characteristics of Magnetic track light?

What are the common uses of Magnetic track light?

What is the development of Magnetic track light?


What are the characteristics of Magnetic track light?

The Magnetic track light can increase the number of light sources randomly. There is no limit to the number of lamps installed on the Magnetic track light. If the light is not bright enough, you can add lights by magnet, and vice versa.

Magnetic track light can be used as a main lamp without a ceiling. The Magnetic track lights are all on the track, so there is no need for multiple holes or hidden wires. If using surface-mounted rails, the design of Magnetic track light can be realized without main light and ceiling.

Magnetic track light is convenient for maintenance. Just take it off, which is not as troublesome as traditional light sources.

Magnetic track light generally uses 48V low voltage. Even if the Magnetic track light is always energized, there is no danger in direct contact with hands and installation.

Magnetic track light can move freely that the lights can be arranged freely according to space requirements. Meanwhile, the angle of Magnetic track light can also be adjusted to meet your requirements.


What are the common uses of Magnetic track light?

Magnetic track light is mainly used in exhibition halls, hotels, apartments, clubs, shops and other ceiling and wall scenes. Down lights, spotlights and linear lights can be installed on the track. The most common use of Magnetic track light is to light the space as light source.

At the same time, Magnetic track light has decorative effects. The popular minimalist decoration style and the design without main light of Magnetic track light ensure a more concise and clean room effect. The principle of focused lighting highlights an important part of room lighting, resulting in magic power to guide vision. The stripe design not only enriches the expressiveness and beauty of the room, but also produces visual effects of virtual and real through light and dark layers.


What is the development of Magnetic track light?

The first generation of Magnetic track light is halogen track lights. Halogen track lights are small with simple the structure. Halogen track lights have good color rendering and excellent brilliance in the light perception. However, it has large heat, which cause high-energy consumption and short lifespan.

Track lights using fluorescent light source are relatively rare. Because the fluorescent light source is a large area of light, which is difficult to achieve the key lighting effect.

Metal halide track lights used to be the best-selling product in early indoor commercial lighting. It has high power and light efficiency, as well as long lifespan compared to halogen track lights. However, the metal halide track light needs to be cooled when restarting. Metal halide track light with poor quality are prone to color drift.

After experiencing the above three lighting products, magnetic LED track light has begun to emerge in the early 21st century. Some companies have begun to try, and there has been an intensive magnetic LED track light wave.


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