Which lamps are banned by Amazon? Please choose carefully.
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Which lamps are banned by Amazon? Please choose carefully.

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Magnetic track lamp                                                                                                   shalogen lamps

Halogen bulbs will be banned in Britain from September. Halogen bulbs will also be fully replaced with LEDs.

Although the power of LED is big, the heat of halogen lamp is bigger. This also makes the environmental protection of halogen lamp inferior to LED lamp.

The halogen lamp withdraws from the historical stage, already was the general trend.

1. Alarming carbon emission from halogen lamp

Halogen bulbs are widely used in kitchens and living rooms.Since 2018, the UK, then a member of the European Union, has followed EU rules to gradually reduce the use of halogen bulbs.And the promotion of low-energy LED bulbs.LED bulbs now account for two- thirds of the UK market.

According to British media reports, the British government will submit a bill this month, decided to start in September to ban halogen bulbs.

Halting the use of halogen bulbs would reduce carbon emissions by 1.26 million tonnes a year, the British government said.

2.Waste of energy

Halogen bulbs are such a waste of energy that, according to the Energy Conservation Trust, the average halogen bulb consumes about £11 a year, compared with £2 for replacement LEDs.

What's more, halogen bulbs usually fail after about two years of use, while LEDs last 15 to 20 years in the same condition.

3.2021 China's export sales of lighting appliances in the first half of this year

Light bulbs are an integral part of every household, and lighting products have always been a hot category of cross-border e-commerce platforms.

According to statistics from the China Illumination Electrical Appliance Association, in the first half of 2011, the total export volume of China's illumination products (including all kinds of lamps and lanterns and bulbs) was US $29.081 billion, up 49.85% year-on-year, up 36.51% from the same period of 2019.

4.Amazon releases new announcement

But on the market, the bulb type that sells is multifarious. good and bad are intermingled, so the Amazon that always weighs with safety issues, most recently for lamps and lanterns products, issued a new announcement.

According to the announcement, as of October 1, 2021, Amazon clearly specifies the types of light bulbs, lamps and lanterns that can be sold.

For example: transparent incandescent bulbs (15W, 25W, 40W, 60W, 65W, 70W, 75W and 100W), matte incandescent lamps and halogen lamps (except for socket types) R7, G9, GU 5.3, G4 and GY 6.35 will no longer be allowed for sale and will be removed from Amazon Europe.

This announcement is only for European station merchants.

Amazon also revealed in the announcement: this announcement more details will be released on October 1, 2021.

5.Pay attention to the selection

After this announcement, the Chinese seller of partial sale lamps and lanterns will be affected greatly.It is recommended that the current selection be adjusted in accordance with the requirements of the announcement.

Sellers of lamps and lanterns at European stations should pay attention to the following points: When selecting products, sellers at European stations should strengthen their awareness of product quality, and check the performance of products in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of EU standards to ensure that the standards are met.

For example, from September 1 this year.Bulbs and fixtures with fixed light sources will be suitable for the "European General Electrical New Energy Labeling" change.The new label will give the product an A to G rating.The more highly rated the product, the more acceptable it is to local buyers.

6.Pay attention to detection

Products should also go to the relevant industry testing institutions for testing and evaluation.Or to obtain the certification required by the European Union to ensure product quality and safety.

For example: any country's products to enter the European Union must be CE certification, affixed to the product CE logo.Therefore, CE certification is the product to enter the European Union and the EFTA country market pass.And all CE certified products entering the EU market must be assigned to the European responsible person.And lamps and lanterns class product enters Germany need to undertake the registration of WEEE.Otherwise, there are risks or huge fines from the German government.

7.Packing stipulation

The packaging of lamps and lanterns shall also comply with the bulb packaging provisions promulgated by the EU.

The manufacturer shall display on the package specific product information, such as lumen, life time, time required for complete lighting, average number of times the light can be switched on or off.

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